A screenshot of the in transitu Instagram page, showing six pictures of the artist Ada Ada Adas nude torso and face in front of a white curtain.

in transitu

Performative net art photography, 2021-2024

A screenshot from the video work showing a distorted Ada and the text "Cyberspace is not built for those like me, yet I thrive inside it."

Being represented by data is like losing a part of yourself

Glitchy queer AI video work, 2024


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An image of Hus running on a widescreen monitor, and the image is taken in the gallery Office Impart.


3D short-term temporal data art, 2023

The artist Ada Ada Ada sitting in front of a computer making a grimace. She's wearing a skincolored bra.

in transitu live

Live 'artificial intelligence' performance, 2022

An image of a black and white Klyft showing on a large vertical screen at Despace Berlin.


Long-term temporal data art, 2022

Six large reddish circles with a slight blue gradient on a noisy grey background.


Generative representational data art, 2022

Ada Ada Ada (she/her or they/them) is an algorithmic artist based in Copenhagen.

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