Ada Hyldahl Fogh, a.k.a. Ada Ada Ada. Born 1992.

Ada Ada Ada is an algorithmic artist based in Copenhagen working within an intersectional eco-feminist framework. She co-founded the interactive art studio Circuit Circus in 2015, and went solo as an artist in 2021 after a 2-year period acting as the Head of Tech at the sustainable apparel brand, Organic Basics.

With a strong background in tech and design, she uses hyped technologies like AI, blockchain and more to challenge cultural preconceptions and technologically enforced power structures. Working between the physical and digital space, she uses the tension between analog and digital interpretations of the world to investigate the impacts that computational technology has on how we understand human identity.

Her identity as a trans woman often informs the work she does. Sometimes it happens through direct use of her transitioning body in the practice, as seen with in transitu. Other times it informs the work through lived experiences that are unique to trans people.

Ada Ada Ada's artworks always have digital roots, but can take shape as physical installations, performances and workshops as well as many other expressions.

Ada Ada Ada has been part of projects that have been exhibited at places like SXSW, Roskilde Festival, Reflektor Helsinki, the Medical Museion of Copenhagen as well as the Museum of Science & Technology in Belgrade.

Exhibitions & performances


  • Transition: Omnidimensional & Women in art, Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art. Online.

  • Klyft, Sublime Shift @ NFT Biennial. Global.


  • Klyft, Tezos & fxhash @ Deloitte Arts & Finance. Vatican City.

  • Klyft, Tezos & fxhash @ Art Basel Paris+. Paris, France.

  • in transitu - Interactive installation & exhibition, Prust & Union @ Kulturnat. Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Barriers - Part of group exhibition Arts & Sciences, NFT Show Europe. Valencia, Spain.

  • in transitu - Live performance, Debutfest. Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Non-fungible Identities - Solo exhibition, Parabol Studio. Oslo, Norway.

Talks, panels & other appearances



Circuit Circus works

These works were produced with the Circuit Circus team.


  • Semeion, Museum of Science and Technology. Belgrade, Serbia.


  • Semeion, SXSW. Austin, Texas.

  • Semeion, Click Festival. Elsinore, Denmark.

  • Semeion, Roskilde Festival. Roskilde, Denmark.


  • Pathway, Roskilde Festival. Roskilde, Denmark.

    Created in collaboration with SachsNottveit.


  • Pillemaskinen, Medical Museion. Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Created in collaboration with Mogens Jacobsen. Still ongoing.


  • 2017-2019

    Master of Interaction Design from Malmö University

  • 2013-2017

    Bachelor of Science in Digital Media & Design from IT-University of Copenhagen


  • Native Danish.

  • Fluent English.

  • Advanced Dutch.

  • Intermediate French.

  • Novice German.

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