Four editions of Klyft with different shapes, colors and backgrounds.



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Klyft is a juxtaposition of two different projections for the future. One, made by the World Economic Forum, suggests that the global gender gap will have closed by the year 2154. The other, by the UN IPCC, estimates that global warming will reach 3.2 degrees celcius by the year 2100.

Klyft makes use of the unique temporal aspect of computational art by developing its expression gradually over the next 132 years. As we come closer to 2154, the space between the two shapes in Klyft will grow smaller to symbolize the closing of the gender gap. As time goes on, however, Klyft also becomes more and more glitched out to represent the projected increases in greenhouse gases and climate catastrophes.

In the end, Klyft’s expression will be heavily corrupted, and the two shapes will have reached each other.

Klyft is made with p5.js and licensed under a modified version of the Climate Strike License (CSL).

CO2 used: ~0.00g