An IPCC quote written in illegible writing amidst chaotic shapes in a pinkish shade.

One Point Five Degrees Celcius


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One Point Five Degrees Celcius is a generative artwork about the "Global Warming of 1.5°C" IPCC report.

The project presents 128 quotes from the IPCC report on 1.5°C global warming. The quotes are surrounded by chaotic, glitchy quotes, and the text itself is obscured in various ways. This is meant to reflect the way we usually talk about the science of the climate crisis. The science and reality of the crisis is really quite clear, but the message always gets distorted, manipulated and watered down.

In certain rare cases, the generative piece will produce a unique version that shows one of three climate activism mantras. The three mantras are: "Climate delay is the new climate denial", "Our house is on fire" and "The climate crisis is real".


There are two main interactions in the piece. Both of them were included to underline a part of the message of the piece.

If you double-click the piece, your browser's text-to-speech feature will activate and read the quote out loud. This feature is put in place to highlight that no matter how obscured the IPCC's message is, climate activists will find ways to speak it.

The second interaction is the ability to browse all 128 quotes from each edition. You do this by using the left and right arrow keys on desktop, and by swiping left or right on a touch device. This feature is meant to support the idea that the climate science is all public knowledge, and that anyone is able to access the data and reports that emphasize the crisis.


When the project was launched, transgender children in Texas were under attack by the Texas governor and his transphobic state administration. For this reason, I decided to donate 2.5% of the primary sales to the Trans Education Network of Texas.

One Point Five Degrees Celcius is made with p5.js and FettePalette, as well as the font Inter by Rasmus Andersson.

The project is licensed under a modified version of the Climate Strike License (CSL).

This is my first time using this license on an NFT, and its use is largely symbolic, since it's unlikely that fossil fuel companies would use this artwork. However, I believe this license represents the kind of activism that the tech world needs to do more of, so I wanted to share it with the fxhash community.

CO2 used: ~0.00g