Two almost identical fxhash projects, where "Men in Art" costs 10x of "Women in Art".

Wo/Men in Art


Find it on fxhash here

Wo/Men in Art is a conceptual diptych about the gender wage gap in the art world

According to Women Can't Paint, a book by Helen Gorrill, paintings made by men sell for 10x as much as women's paintings.

The project Wo/Men in Art is a response and callout of this massive wage gap. It is manifested as two different generative art works on the NFT platform fxhash. One is called "Men in art", the other "Women in art". They are identical except for two differences:

  1. The dithering filter in "Men in art" favors blue colors over red ones, while "Women in art" do the opposite.
  2. The price of "Men in art" is 10 tez, while "Women in art" is priced at 1 tez.

The two pieces are made with the open source tools p5.js, Typescript and Fettepalette.

CO2 used: ~0.00g